It’s always nice to have a place to unwind.  I haven’t had a “home” in Second Life for about six months.  I came across this lovely sim and just HAD to purchase a little plot to call my own.  If you are ever interested in land, Bohemian Ghost is the man to see!  When looking for a build to put on this plot the first place I went to was Trompe Loeil.  Cory Edo make such great builds and other quality items.  I ended up purchasing the “Rustic Cabin”.  I think it’s fits great in this space!  I am still working on the landscaping but I did have to rez the *ionic* Eureka! Boat RARE which can be found in a gatcha machine at lakua Arriaga’s store.  It’s just so cute!  Also featured is the Agora – Love Swing in White by titos Xue.  It is an older piece in my inventory and can still be found on Market Place.

I am still figuring out the landscaping.  It’s fun to work away on something you call your own.



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