I had the privilege of being invited over to Jaxon’s (crazychef Reisdent) new winter sim called It’s Winter, Ya Filthy Animal.  Just looking at his name would indicate why there is such a crazy name for such a beautiful sim!  I suggest you go for a visit.  There are a lot of places to explore and scenic areas to take photographs.  You can also rez on the land which is a bonus for bloggers!

The Men’s Department opened on the 5th of December and Nilrem and I are in a romantic pose by Bang poses called Return To Me.  Nils is also wearing a vest/shirt combo by Howl.  It comes in many different colours and suits him perfectly.

Collabor88 opened today for another round! I wait all month for this amazing event!  I am wearing a cozy coat by U.F.O.  What is neat is there is an option to have your hands in your pockets or just have them normal.  I like the versatility it has.  The sexy boots I have on are 60’s GoGo boots by Maxi Gossamer.

There are lots of great things to be found at both events!  Also don’t forget to go and check out It’s Winter, Ya Filthy Animal!


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