Gala Awaits.

Gala Awaits

A year ago, I had a vision of a s̶m̶a̶l̶l̶, relaxed, friendly place for people to hang out and listen to music.  I also wanted a place where fashion, decor, art and the music industry collided.   !ndustry was a group born out of ideas floating around in my head.  My dear friend Jessyca Teardrop was also wanting a place to let her creative juices flow.  We decided together to get a parcel on a sim and build in the sky (She did more of the building, I did a tiny bit of breaking).  Little did we know that many people would come and soon we were asked to leave our small parcel due to the amount of traffic we had at the events. We upgraded and after being on a 1/4 sim for a few weeks, we were asked to leave due to the amount of traffic yet again.  Jess decided to purchase and name the amazing Indie Heights sim.

I can’t believe it’s been a year.  A year of meeting such amazing, talented people.  Live performers, DJs, content creators, photographers, scriptors, to name a few!   On Saturday, December 5th starting at 6pm SLT, !ndustry will be holding a first year anniversary party by having a Holiday Gala to thank our members.  Everyone is welcome.  The lovely and “oh so” talented Jessyca Teardrop has designed the event space and the above photo is a sneak peek.

Grab a gown,cocktail dress or suit and tie out of your inventory. We hope to see you all tomorrow!

~ Cate ♥

Gala Schedule:
6pm Sassy Nitely
6:30pm Phemie Alcott
7pm DJ Jessyca Teardrop


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